Thursday, March 4

Lights bright up spattering across the plain
Rewrite this history,
It’s been a long world in a remember
Of looking you at better so you see
Living saying long, long hour
At this city like any other,
World, it not good, you are still old,
Musical chair moving, skipping few places
Till you twinkle feel them at tips of slanting fingers,
Plan gather dust in Egypt,
Long night, long night, meet Ra and give him my gold-
Sands of a long long night of yesterday tiny fire lights

Wind moves gentle in the deepest corners of night
Stepping on little souls to bless them with the magic of love
In the night. Stop. Stop.

Slowly going insane,
With the light all alive
Which I cannot see, but hear and feel
Right above towering. Wherever whatever I do
Hovering in front of a heart break
It will sleep.
Like yesterday, the time of chance I never had
Or of the laughter leading to lily ponds
Like revising this romance
Where end kills chances of I
Can’t you see it?
Red, in an open book
Seeing covered in fluid,
Let it live like on and on.