Tuesday, May 25

going to heaven

It defeats the purpose
Of a perfect carcass
To be ripped apart like no one
I cared about; yes, killing of the sun
And the rising of the moon all
Happen without any fall
And, am I supposed to wail
When all of them crawl
For mercy
And what for which I cannot wait and see.

Monday, May 24

ending rain
crawling cold air,
open again

Wednesday, May 19

clad by rain
ants climb up a face-
pausing to touch.

Tuesday, May 18

moans while
a woman of much hair,
strokes bald sky.

Friday, May 14

driven dry

Blinded are we, after every rain
Pressing a body as you sit with it
Alone in the remains of the dry,
Strictly, that moment in our time
I do not feel the cold
Or the gliding of rain drops
To meet the distinctive deaths
While dry bodies like us gape by.
At the growing of the grass
Or the opacity of the clouds,
Simmering down from its great
Pure density.
And not at the sighs you make not for yourself
But at my despair, at my hanging heart
At the loose end of a chin which disguises
The newly green self pity to a morass
Of inimitable sorrow and irredeemable loss
And, the eye newly black from the previous rain
Impervious to your strains of affection
On which I put down a heavy metallic lid.

Wednesday, May 12


At three,
Time comes easily
With single movements in the air
And jumpy noises,
Gather the soul to a calmer ball
And hurl it forward
To augur a sleep
From bad dreams from
oh i never forget the voices
which spoke even through the fan
with an insistence that preceded the clouds
they raved and wanted you to heed
but you rolled them over like thunder,
damn, the woman never speaks.
i slightly wonder if this refusal is defiance
or a ceasing of a murmur at a wish resigned.
clad we all are in the sorrows of the night,
only i hang back with the weight of murder
you know, the deaths you court through senses,
all of them, the five, the five wily ones.
what with the hollow still dug up in your heart
to exorcise the thousand tiny voices.

Thursday, May 6

baby don't

yes, he called
me a stupid little bitch
profanity, i see you through your age
ugly ageing bastard
cover me in filth.
and ask me to look in the mirror?
what have you done to me?
through your cheap novels
and unchanging morals.
fucked me up, right through.
tell me a story a hundred times-
pardon me, but i dont see the fucking moral
of your stupid little tale
you miserable man,
failed by life and its grapes.

Monday, May 3

there, i have said it,
stay, hover and come here.

alight on a crude stone, and
light up this hazy world.

right, here, among other things
i want you here stifling me.

is it true to feel for a body
desire through your mind,

as if i care
i may kiss you only here.

the night devours,
along with i, you.

i have brought you up to my throat,
you will stay now.

i will love you no matter what

that, dear is you to my world
i stretch every truth,
to a dream of fair world
in my moral shell;
i kill the mother and create
because i love you.
i swallow every musical note
and strum pearls on a lost sea-
where we can hear voices
which assure me the loud love?
in a dream place on the other side,
i didnt know to lose track is to care
and killing cutting surfaces
and throwing daggers
at your true love
i will love you forever.
thus twist death to life
and save you from it,
yes this is the true love,
take me word for it,
i lap the human shrills
they touch me down
goodbye, you
i will love you no matter what
this is that no matter what
you honour with your hour
clear it with your ear
and smile happy for you.
i will love you no matter what.

Saturday, May 1

the first line

the heart sometimes lies
and twists your arm,
finding you blush
whispers your humiliation-
on the hair in the neck
and cries pity, pity
softly clasp your wrist
run its fingers over
and touch my finger's nail
and feel it hard and like
the curious old thing,