Tuesday, April 27

day when you come
be nice to my father
treat him like a child of ill,
with a lot of black tea and
don't care hugs of sleep.
take him with me around
sniffing his cheek like his
mother who loved him
and he who loved me;
tell him he can see me
in love and happy
and that he will always be there
in a dark shadow that is in me,
or that when i cry it is a child
of one remembering old songs
he made for welcoming sleep
to a little baby girl.
measure my love
and show him how i rush to
meet him.

Wednesday, April 21

every day i know.

dead moths in the morning,
remind every night and clawing through, work
beside the sun to win over new light.
this is a new sleep with enchantments of entombed,
lie over, and let me prod and jab,
when wings die
they do not float.

Sunday, April 11

time and her

Desire, my dream child,
Crossing legs over another
You have forgotten.
Faces you have smeared on
Red lipstick and
Walled it off strains of memory.

Desire, you crazy bitch,
rubbing off lust,
in a casual wave of hair
and moving silent still
even when you are not here.

Desire, this magic box
Trapping and killing
like a pigeon in love,
till eyes see only you,
in every shade of air.

let me be there.

Friday, April 9

If you could smell the air around,
And sense this ache
Of whispering love across
A thousand states,
And realising only through sounds
Happiness I alone can give,
I would make a crystal ball
And make us dance together
With the snowflake and the pretty white.