Tuesday, March 23

'And the stars go with you'

Stranger, you are.
You must not talk to a stranger,
You must always lie to one,
And when the world stops moving,
Grope in the dark for one.

Carry a mountain, drop it over your head and cry loud. Scream like you can hear states away that I miss. Kill birds to make them all die for you. Make water and stir, and let it rise, and move slowly, like this………that when it reaches you may idle, make circles with feet, and slowly lower, feel water move like leaves across an angry face, take in the water and go down, till you see all worlds tiptoeing in the assembly of the water lords.

To lie back and remember,
The days of your happy and sad,
Call to hear a song,
That let me in where I made cuts of blue,
Smearing it like a sunny bitch,
And sleeping without looking at you.

There, I know a bee I can kill,
I planned its sting
I didn’t notice its dying,
Till criss-crossed it cried sighing.