Monday, March 1

I am sun’s daughter and moon’s lover
I crave in the sun, sunk eat in the night-
I watch clouds move, making the moon
Laughing travel or trail,
By bushy trees make me veil look at you
Beautiful till tomorrow
It us a new world,
Where pleasure springs from the down,
And little fingers hop in all sides,
It is a real clever to watch meaner dies kill lie still:
Excellent life, it is so nice,
And themes are here, lost and never sell;
Which which which which eh, calls you
Strumming, waited for you all
I am surrounded nakedly
It is just the closet in your head is open
Excellent life, greater sin
Is take my hand,
Weary hand of mine, sweet child called Mine,
Very soon round you bitch leader suns of a pack
Called, eskelongriefe [it’s a long grief]
Vibrating phones set the tune,
Watching good doors behind you open
To know light must shut out,
And snakes will wither
And you will bleat the dream of
The little flaieries blowing in the wind.
Like life in a mystical flute.