Friday, October 1

A death

she had
angels with brown wings
hovering around
last months
with a
baby inside
and a husband too.

moody and pensive,
my mommy swayed free
i did not eat enough
though i was her baby.

and her husband dragged on.
his wife, he didn't see anymore
or feel; yet the doctor felt it
grow, calm and benign a bigger ball.
when work suffers, do you blame a
woman? you married. no, sufferer.

a day. no other day.
walk to the bathroom
fall. breathe slowly. die.
kill the baby,
hit your head
kill the baby,
till mum and child
are safe inside wrapped
in an amount of universal clothes
of nowhereness near your,
husband and dad.

may be i wanted to come out,
or the world has nothing to miss.
uh, im fine with my mother
just that, extremely cold with the walls
thinning and falling
away to browner earth
which will swallow away
our hearts.