Monday, May 3

i will love you no matter what

that, dear is you to my world
i stretch every truth,
to a dream of fair world
in my moral shell;
i kill the mother and create
because i love you.
i swallow every musical note
and strum pearls on a lost sea-
where we can hear voices
which assure me the loud love?
in a dream place on the other side,
i didnt know to lose track is to care
and killing cutting surfaces
and throwing daggers
at your true love
i will love you forever.
thus twist death to life
and save you from it,
yes this is the true love,
take me word for it,
i lap the human shrills
they touch me down
goodbye, you
i will love you no matter what
this is that no matter what
you honour with your hour
clear it with your ear
and smile happy for you.
i will love you no matter what.