Monday, December 21


And then it creeps in again today
Shaking the minds out of its boxes,
And scattering them in the wind
Lulling the body to sleep,
Catching bodies and love
In every step.

Dost thou cry?
In truest spirit of thou word?
Wont to stay in the dark?
Spill the water and the blood!

The male performs,
Killing the little with his eye.
We all suck for food.
Wishes perhaps that would do me
And my life a favour.
Pass me some good.

The air hovers over the bod
die as she sleeps,
for doesn’t all of me dry asleep,
and fighting swords tire?
Carry me and kill the king and queen,
And we may marry multiples.

As I wash my hands in blood,
Will someone wake the body up?
We must run way, sandstorms
Creak well with every race
After all the nights,
They only make noise
And grind sand in the air.