Wednesday, October 7


Oh, thank you
Hapless man,
With all your love for common coffee and rain.

By sleep alone, rectifying dreams to form sorrows
I can mull over as I walk alone
Step on step without the lines
Dear man. Come here. Thank me in my dread,
I love you in my very dread to dread to dread from dread by dread on dread
This is my free fall.

Look, I murmur-mur heavy lines
To look a neurotic and escape your definition,
You easy, simple psychologist, you want your sick patient.

Dear man.

No, you don’t know you can’t see through,
You don’t even wear spectacles, not even them.
Pickles of lying, spicy carved animals
Under a thin layer of, I built civilisation
To avoid you savages of green and brown
Dear, dear man, hold me and do not look.
Love, love man, eat me up but do not look.